• Iliescu a murit

    Iliescu a murit

    Ion Iliescuborn March 3,Oltenita, RomaniaRomanian politician who twice served as president of Romania —96; — Iliescu received a degree in business from the Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest and then studied engineering in Moscow. In he joined the Communist Party, and he held positions of increasing prestige during the following decade. In Iliescu was expelled from the Central Committee. Iliescu played a major role in the uprising—which resulted in the deaths of more than 1, people—and on December 26 he became president of an interim government.

    He won the presidency in elections held on May 20,the first open voting in more than 50 years, and he was reelected, under a new constitution, on October 11, Serving in a government that included many former communists, he did not press for the economic and social reforms that were needed to lift the country out of its poverty and nationalistic feuds, and in elections held on November 17,he lost to a centrist candidate.

    Four years later, however, with the country continuing to suffer from economic problems and internal dissension, he won the presidency again, running as head of the Social Democratic Party Partidul Social Democrat; PSD. During his second term, he was successful in gaining entry for Romania into the North Atlantic Treaty Organizationand he supported talks aimed at securing membership in the European Union the country joined the EU in The PSD suffered heavy losses in the elections, and Iliescu stepped down as president.

    The following year he was voted out as party leader. In Iliescu was charged with crimes against humanityaccused of failing to prevent numerous deaths during the revolution.

    Among the allegations were claims that Iliescu, in an attempt to maintain power, used the media to broadcast false reports that created panic and led to needless shootouts.

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    Disagreement over the pace of economic reform caused the NSF itself to…. Romaniacountry of southeastern Europe.

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    iliescu a murit

    Email address. By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Notice. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox.Inalta Curte de Casatie si Justitie a amanat, vineri, pentru data de 27 martie, dosarul Revolutiei, in care fostul presedinte Ion Iliescu este acuzat de infractiuni contra umanitatii. Aproximativ de persoane venite din toata tara s-au prezentat in instanta, pentru a fi luate in evidenta ca parti civile sau parti vatamate in dosar.

    Pentru ca oamenii sa nu astepte in picioare, conducerea ICCJ a luat masuri de organizare speciale, fiind amplasate mai multe banci pe holurile instantei. Au existat si cateva momente tensionate, cateva persoane certandu-se cu magistratul care se ocupa de acest caz, deoarece nu se regaseau pe listele de parti civile.

    Dupa cateva ore, timp in care oamenii s-au prezentat pe rand in sala de judecata, magistratul a luat decizia de a amana dosarul, deoarece trebuie citati aproximativ 30 de urmasi ai unor persoane decedate de la ultimul termen. Printre cei prezenti la proces s-a aflat si Presedintele interimar al PSD, Marcel Ciolacu, a spus, miercuri seara, la finalul Comitetului Executiv, ca, din cate stie, Ion Iliescu nu este presedinte de onoare al partidului, desi fostul presedinte al tarii apare cu aceasta functie pe site-ul PSD.

    Cand ziaristul a Este vorba de dosarul Mineriadei din Institutul a propagat in spatiul public interpretari care s-au contrapus cu ancheta in "Dosarul Revolutiei". Fostul presedinte Ion Iliescu a declarat, luni, ca desfiintarea Institutului Revolutiei Romane este "o porcarie curata", ca este surprins de decizie si ca nu intelege motivatia demersului Executivului. Iliescu, care se afla in conducerea acestui institut, este judecat pentru savarsirea de crime impotriva umanitatii la Revolutie.

    Asta e o porcarie curata. Ion Iliescu este inginer de profesie, dar s-a remarcat printr-o activitate politica intensa in comunism si dupa A fost presedintele Romaniei in perioadele si Nascut la 3 martieIon Iliescu este casatorit dinsotia sa Nina Iliescu Elena Serbanescu - numele de fata, cu care s-a cunoscut in vremea studiilor liceale fiind de profesie inginer, cercetator stiintific in domeniul coroziunii metalelor.

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    Nu au copii. Dupaasociatiile de revolutionari l-au acuzat de implicare in reprimarea violenta a evenimentelor din decembrie In justitie insa nu s-a putut dovedi nimic.

    La fel s-a intamplat in cazul mineriadei dincand presedintele de atunci Ion Iliescu a chemat minerii in Bucuresti ca sa reprime manifestarile protestatarilor antiguvermentali din Piata Universitatii. Anchetat in acest caz, Iliescu a primit NUP de la procurori. Pe scurt. Presa Locala. Vineri, 21 Februarieora Dosarul Revolutiei: 30 de victime sau urmasi au murit de la ultimul termen. Despre Ion Iliescu Ion Iliescu este inginer de profesie, dar s-a remarcat printr-o activitate politica intensa in comunism si dupa Ina anuntat ca este prea batran se mai candideze la Parlament.

    Pentru a putea vizualiza sumarul trebuie sa aveti JavaSript-ul activat! Link-uri utile: Blogul lui Ion Iliescu. Daca detineti informatii relevante, poze, inregistrari audio sau video inedite cu Ion Iliescu, le puteti trimite la adresa de e-mail redactia ziare. Urmareste pe. Bancuri despre Ion Iliescu.Adriana Iliescu born May 31, is a retired Romanian university lecturer and author of children's novels.

    Iliescu was first given hormone treatment to reverse menopause in and in vitro fertilisation three zygotes with sperm and ovum from two anonymous donors inbecoming pregnant with triplets. After ten weeks one of the three fetuses failed to progress and died. The remaining two fetuses, both girls, weighed just 1. Though doctors were expecting to perform a caesarian section soon after the 34th week, the death of one of the twins led to the decision to operate earlier than planned.

    The surviving baby was expected to remain in hospital for six weeks. Romanian laws governing the process are currently under review and, to bring them in line with typical European legislation, may prevent any form of such treatment after the age of The story became international headline news, causing debate as to whether fertility treatment is ethical after a certain age.

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    The release of details about the pregnancy and birth was criticised when different information was reported by different news companies. One primary source was a Realitatea TV interview with Iliescu conducted a month before the birth. The age of Iliescu was reported as 67 by some sources and the exact details of the second, and in some reports third, fetus differed greatly. For example, a CNN news website article was updated after a day, changing her age from 67 to Television, newspaper polls and discussions around the world asked the public what their opinion of the ethical decision was.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Adriana Iliescu. CraiovaRomania. Categories : births Living people People from Craiova In vitro fertilisation.

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    Hidden categories: Articles with hCards. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.He joined the Communist Party in and became a member of its Central Committee in He had a leading role in the Romanian Revolutionbecoming the country's president in December In Mayhe became Romania's first freely elected head of state.

    After a new constitution was approved by popular referendum, he served a further two terms as president, from toand from toseparated by the presidency of Emil Constantinescuwho defeated him in Iliescu is widely recognized as a predominant figure in the first fifteen years of post-revolution politics.

    In AprilIon Iliescu was charged in Romania with committing crimes against humanity during the deadly aftermath of the country's revolution. Iliescu's father, Alexandru Iliescu, was a railroad worker with Communist views during the period in which the Romanian Communist Party was banned by the authorities. He remained in the USSR for the next four years and was arrested upon his return.

    Adriana Iliescu

    He was imprisoned from June to August and died in August During his stay in Moscow, he was the secretary of the "Association of Romanian Students" it is alleged that he met Mikhail Gorbachevalthough Iliescu always denied this. Ion Iliescu speaks fluently RomanianEnglish and Russian languages.

    He joined the Union of Communist Youth in and the Communist Party in and made a career in the Communist nomenklaturabecoming a secretary of the Central Committee of the Union of Communist Youth in and a member of the Central Committee of the Romanian Communist Party in At one point, he served as the head of the Central Committee's Department of Propaganda.

    iliescu a murit

    Iliescu was quickly acknowledged as the leader of the organization and therefore of the provisional authority.

    He first learned of the revolution when he noticed the Securitate was no longer tailing him. Iliescu proposed multi-party elections and an "original democracy". This is widely held to have meant the adoption of Perestroika -style reforms rather than the complete removal of existing institutions; it can be linked to the warm reception the new regime was given by Mikhail Gorbachev and the rest of the Soviet leadership, and the fact that the first post-revolutionary international agreement signed by Romania was with that country.

    Iliescu did not renounce Communist ideology and the program he initially presented during the revolution included restructuring the agriculture and the reorganization of trade, but not a switch to capitalism. The National Salvation Front decided to organize itself as a party and run in the general election —the first free election held in the country in 53 years—with Illiescu as its presidential candidate.

    The FSN won a sweeping victory, taking strong majorities in both chambers. He thus became Romania's first democratically elected head of state, and the first since who was not a Communist or fellow traveler.

    To date, it is the only time since the end of Communism that a president has been elected in a single round. Progressively, the Front lost its character as a national government or generic coalition, and became vulnerable to criticism for using its appeal as the first institution involved in power sharing, while engaging itself in political battles with forces that could not enjoy this status, nor the credibility.

    Under the pressure of the events that led to the Mineriadshis political stance has veered with time: from a proponent of PerestroikaIliescu recast himself as a Western European social democrat. Critics have pointed out that, unlike most communist-to-social democrat changes in the Eastern blocRomania's tended to retain various cornerstones. Romania adopted its first post-Communist Constitution in He immediately suspended his NSDF membership; the Constitution does not allow the president to be a formal member of a political party during his term.

    He ran for a third time in but, stripped of media monopoly, he lost in the second round to Emil Constantinescuhis second-round opponent in Over 1, votes were cancelled, leading to accusations of widespread fraud.Pingback: Guvernul Ponta, mai - Page Pingback: Ion Iliescu a murit! S-au ridicat in apararea unui popa reformat care…uite ca si-a dat arama pe fata cine este….

    Pingback: R. Cand vei descoperi, iti vei blestema zilele, frustrat agramat!!! Mi-ar fi parut rau sa fi stiut ca e mort. Si, spun asta ptr ca-mi doresc din toata inima fa fie condamnat ptr marsaviile sale, sa petreaca macar o luna in puscarie, dupa care sa-si dea sfarsitul obstesc. Buna stirea!

    iliescu a murit

    Sa mai dam stiri deastea! Poate se adevereste! O sa-mi pun caciula-n doliu,oricum pentru mine iliescu era mort demult! Dar daca e adevarat,e pacat,e pacat ca s-a dus singur si nu a luat cu el si pe sugacii lui;adrian nastase ,ponta,voiculescu si inca vreo pe care ii stim cu totii!!

    Dumnezeu sa nu-l ierte!! Dumnezeu sa-l odihneasca! Iar pt sustinatorii lui Basescu,le transmit multa clantza la familia si copii lor retardati! Doamneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ma duc sa cumpar sampanie la tot blocul. Am scapat de un KGBist care da ordine din umbra si care ne-a terminat in ultimii 24 de ani.

    Ba cacatilordaca traiati in 89 si nu erati niste spermatozoizi borshitzi, v-ati fi dat seama ca iliescu a incurcat planurile unor puteri care vroiau enclavizarea romaniei.

    Voi aveti impresia ca romania de dupa 89 a mai fost condusa din interior? V-ar fi placut sa avem soarta iugoslaviei?

    Pacat de voi, noi am rasturnat cel mai atroce sistem totalitarvoi o frecati pe facebook si bloguri. Sunteti jalnici o generatie fara coloana vertebrala. Fara suflete si fara tel, sunteti niste fantome pe pamant. Faceti-va un rezumat si punctati ce ati facut in viata ….

    Am ramas in Romania cand toti cunoscutii mei traiesc de de ori mai bine ca mine in Europa. Am firma si muncesc pentru statpt plata impozitelor, taxelorsalariilorpt spagile care trebuie sa le dau la controale.

    Mai am o speranta… ca la inmormantarea lui ILICI sa nu-l planga nici draq…decat PSDistii adusi cu forta cu autobuzele pt o farfurie de fasole calda si o bere la pomana.

    Adriana Iliescu

    Esti foarte paralel. Si de unde stii ca de la prea multa laba se ramane fara neuroni?

    Incompressible, viscous (laminar) flow past a naca 0012 profile.

    Ai expertiza in domeniu? Ce ai rasturnat tu ma?

    iliescu a murit

    Ia vezi tu cate asasinate au comis tovarasii tai in zilele Revolutiei si ia vezi cum s-au catarat la putere pe cadavrele romanilor morti pentru o libertate care nu a mai venit.

    Stii cine a fost Nicolae Militaru? Stii fiul cui este Petre Roman? Stii care e povestea lui Gelu Voican? De Silviu Brucan ai auzit? Stii cine a fost?Institutul a propagat in spatiul public interpretari care s-au contrapus cu ancheta in "Dosarul Revolutiei". In conditiile in care, inca de la constituirea sa, prin Legea nr.

    Iata si reactia lui Ion Iliescu - Reactia lui Iliescu, dupa ce Fostul presedinte al Romaniei Ion Iliescu, in varsta de 89 de ani, se afla internat la Spitalul Elias. El s-a prezentat vineri la spital, iar medicii i-au recomandat sa ramana internat pentru investigatii suplimentare si tratament. Fostul presedinte Ion Iliescu se afla, vineri, la spital, pentru a i se face mai multe investigatii medicale.

    Ion Iliescu

    Spitalul Elias a confirmat ca Iliescu a fost internat, vineri, dupa ce s-a prezentat cu febra. Iliescu", la cateva zile dupa ce a fost operat. Analizele fostului presedinte au fost bune, iar medicii au decis ca acesta poate merge acasa, transmite Antena 3. Amintim ca luni, Ion Iliescu s-a dus la Spitalul Elias, unde merge o data pe luna pentru control. Fostul presedinte a Fostul sef de stat s-a prezentat la spital cu pericardita hemoragica si a fost operat la inima la cateva ore de la internare.

    UPDATE - Fostul presedinte a fost operat, i s-a extras lichid din pericard si se simte bine, insa va mai ramane sub supravegherea Fostul presedinte Ion Iliescu a transmis, pe blogul sau, un mesaj cu ocazia preluarii de catre Romania a presedintiei UE, subliniind ca noua generatie de politicieni din Romania trebuie sa dovedeasca responsabilitate si angajament in slujirea interesului public si a binelui comun.

    Iliescu spune ca Uniunea Europeana nu poate fi tap ispasitor pentru neputintele noastre, pentru esecurile Fostul presedinte Ion Iliescu, presedinte de onoare al PSD, a revenit joi asupra unei afirmatii pe care a facut-o la Palatul Parlamentului in ceea ce priveste Revolutia. El a aratat ca regreta faptul ca o "exprimare eliptica poate suna drept indiferenta fata de rudele celor care si-au pierdut viata in decembrie ".

    Iliescu se opune redeschiderii dosarului Revolutiei: Am trecut peste Apropiatii unui fotojurnalist galez care a murit in timpul Revolutiei din din Romania, care au cerut o ancheta privind circumstantele decesului sau, au salutat stirea ca fostul presedinte Ion Iliescu este urmarit penal pentru crime impotriva umanitatii, la Mineriada din iunie Fostul presedinte Ion Iliescu a fost pus sub acuzare de procurorii militari in dosarul "Mineriada" pentru infractiuni contra umanitatii, constand in aceea ca a decis reprimarea violenta a manifestatiei din Piata Universitatii prin declansarea unui atac asupra populatiei civile in iunieurmat de aducerea minerilor din Valea Jiului in Capitala.

    Potrivit ordonantei intocmite de Parchetul Senatorul liberal Puiu Hasotti a declarat, duminica, la Constanta, ca este foarte bine ca dosarul Mineriadei s-a redeschis, adaugand ca, in opinia sa, "cel mai mare vinovat este Ion Iliescu", iar "crimele nu se prescriu si istoria nu iarta". Se va dovedi, intre altele, ca exista vinovatii Iliescu a fost audiat, in urma cu doua luni, in dosarul legat de informatiile conform carora Romania ar fi gazduit un centru de detentie CIA in timpul mandatului sau la Cotroceni.

    Conform acelorasi surse, fostul presedinte a negat in fata procurorilor existenta unorNu e praf! Scrie dupa regulile de ortografie invatate. Ce sa facem daca ortografia limbii Romane e schimba la fiecare deceniu, ca si imnul de altfel.

    Foarte corect ilenia! Toti ceilalti care nu sunteti de acord cu acestea invatati ce inseamna patriotism. Iar mai nou pe noi ne baga in rahat profund cu imprumuturile pe care le fac ca apoi generatii dupa aceea sa plateasca scump!

    Suntem marionetele strainilor cand am fi putut sa ne dezvoltam ca price alta tara dezvoltata economic si cu un trai bun! Democratie in favoarea coruptiei lasitatii s. Inceputul sfarsitului a inceput o data cu Iliescu. De aici lipsa de judecata ne a lasat acum in saracie, beneficiind de pe urma noastra strainii. Mi e rusine sa ascult imnul Romaniei ca este facut parca pentru prosti nu pentru oameni cu responsabilitate, caci ce spune in imn deja se intampla.

    Nu neg ,,,,. A murit?

    Sapui5 datepicker

    Bine a facut. Trebuia Mai demult dar niciodata nu e prea tarziu. A fost un criminal asa ca nu avem ce regreta. Sunt foarte deacord!!!! Sa vedem ce-o sa faca acum Mickey Mouse fara Bunicutza!? Poate se duce dupa el sa mai ceara sfaturi!

    Am verificat site-ul oficial al PSD. Nu am reusit sa va dau o veste buna! Cei care se dau in masini bengase sau care se drogheaza nu au timp de editat filme si de transmis mesaje. Filmuletul este un manifest, cine este mai inteligent decat un caine, intelege, cine nu, latra la caruta de pe ulita. Pisamas pe ala in varsta pt care cereti voi respectnationalistii puliieu spun ca era mai bine pe vremea lu vlad tepesalu mihai viteazualu decebal sau mai stiu euoricand era mai bine decat acumcand va aud ca va sclavagizeaza cineva cu bani pt lei pe luna muncesti de iti sar capceleinseamna ca iti convinedaca nu va convenea nu mai munceati asarefuzul unui loc de munca de catre toata lumea cred ca ridica mari semne de intrebare si prin urmare plati mai bunedar asa sunteti condusi ca oile si va plangeti ca era mai bine pe vremea cand era lupu catel.

    Ce este mai Miki…ai avut o cadere de calciu cand ai auzit ca ti-a murit bunicutul : simt asa o relaxare din partea ta cand ai realizat ca este o gluma…. Deci, da.


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